The Guide

Equality and Safety for Women is a practice-informed and accessible Guide that supports and further strengthens the work of Women’s Health Services in collaborating with partners, building community and organisational capacity, coordinating and integrating efforts, and measuring and sharing successes to achieve equality and safety for all Victorian women. It sets out the principles for action on preventing violence against women, and seven steps for action planning, implementing and measuring primary prevention efforts in the regional context. It includes a Planning Template designed to support planning process decisions.

The Planning Process

Primary prevention is a growing field of practice that has gained considerable momentum in Victoria over the last few years. Women’s Health Services are well positioned in this field of practice through their focus on gender equity for improved health and wellbeing outcomes for women; their identification of preventing violence against women as an integrated health promotion priority; and their experience leading regional action on the underlying determinants of the problem. You can make contact with your local Women’s Health Service here.