The fifth planning step focuses attention on delivery – creating an environment for joint action and accountability that makes a difference to the equality and safety of women.

Effectively harnessing the attention, energy and commitment of partners to implement the action plan is ‘where the rubber hits the road’. Here are some things to consider for optimal delivery of your action plan.

  • Processes are important. How people work together has a significant influence on the results of everyone’s efforts.
  • Deep levels of trust between partners, a common vocabulary, agreed leadership styles and skill and determination will drive success.
  • Personal relationships can be helpful but do not sustain partnerships between organisations as personnel change. Be sure to work on organisational commitments that can withstand such changes.
  • Leverage the full value of partnerships at the implementation stage through joint problem-solving, shared learning, and developing skills, knowledge and competence to deliver.
  • A cluster of projects delivered together can have a transformative effect – use project management tools and discipline to achieve coordinated effort.
  • Celebrate success together. Recognise the value of partner contributions and the challenging nature of the work by celebrating milestones and achievements.