Set Direction

The third planning step supports the development of a vision and goals that inspire and motivate partners and the community towards achieving greater gender equality and better safety and health outcomes for women.

A clear, agreed direction is the backbone of your regional action plan. Here are some things to consider as you develop a vision and goals.

  • A vision provides partners and the community with greater clarity and motivation about the need to address the root causes of violence against women.
  • A vision that articulates the social transformation needed to prevent violence against women over the long term empowers participants to think more deeply about the range of actions and the role everyone can play in contributing to change now.
  • Provide opportunities for partners to understand and engage the language and concept of equality between women and men in setting the vision and goals.
  • Ensure goals express changes that are achievable in the longer term through the accumulation of shorter-term impacts over time, such as the direct improvements you are seeking from your regional action plan (these will be expressed in your Objectives, see the next planning step).